Superman Returns Again!

I saw it last night at the 10p showing on Tuesday.
There is a lot to say about this movie. Here are my reactions being a Superman fan, and a fan of the original 2 films. (3 and 4 didn’t work for me in the way Star Trek 5 didn’t either)

  • The Special effects were spot on. Seeing Superman really work himself and his powers was fantastic.
  • Pacing on the movie slowed sometimes a little too much for Character development…but I think that it was needed..

Overall…A really good movie, and really keeps pace with the really good Superhero movies we have been given (Spiderman, and Batman Begins). Superman is at a crossroads in his life now, and they updated the world that he lives in.

I do get the feeling, and I read another reviewer who thought the same, that all the character development was really a set up for the next film. I will definitely see this again.

I will be talking about this more tonight on Technorama