More IE7 thoughts…after the release.

Remember when IE 7 was coming out? I said that I belived that the interface alone would be a deterrent to some. Well, I have heard 3 people, and I am sure they aren’t the only ones, have said…I got IE7, didn’t like the way it looked, and it was I went back to 6.

I was getting my hair cut last night, and the woman whom I use, said We just bought a laptop and we got online and the first thing we started getting pop-ups. (Naked Women pop-ups in front of her Children)
Doesn’t that suck after you just got a new computer and that is your first experience? Ok, I can deal with Naked women…but I am talking about regular users here.

I am sure people get tired of me preaching about Firefox…but Here you go.

What have been your experiences with IE7 and “regular users”?