Stack your Drive Mounts in Leopard

I was looking for a way to get any drives or shared folders I had mounted to show up in my sidebar under Leopard. I mean it is a little cumbersome to move to an empty space, F11, or minimize everything to get to your mounted drives on the desktop. SO, I went looking on the net for a solution.

After looking around a bit I found that there is in fact no way to put mounts into the sidebar in finder. What a bummer…seems like that should be a no brainer on Apple’s part, BUT, fear not, I have a solution that is a close second. Stacks.

That’s right, let’s use the stacks on the dock to show my mounted drives. So I can easily click the icon on the dock and instantly see a list of my drives. Here is how you do it.

Open Finder. Click Go in the menu, and select Go to Folder. A box will open and asking what folder you want. Put in ‘/Volumes’ (no quotes) then click go. Once there, you should see your mounted drives. Click on the column view. Now you should see the Volumes folder. Just click and drag that folder to the area on the dock where your other stacks are/were and there you go. You can now just click on that to see anything mounted like external drives, thumb drives, shared folders.

There you go, hope this help you out!

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