Star Trek Experience Decommissioning

Since we are in the midst of our Star Trek Experience Audio Tour on Technorama, and the Experience recently closed, I thought you guys would be interested in sharing this.

April Hebert, our tour guide for the Behind the Scenes tour was honored at the decommissioning of the Star Trek Experience for being the longest active crew member.

Saying Goodbye To Star Trek The Experience – Decommissioning Report + Video + Pics |

The roll call of names and introductions ended with a special name. April Hebert, who was the first cast member to be assigned to Star Trek: Experience, came out, still in character as a Vulcan (Hebert has portrayed multiple roles at STTE, including Starfleet and an Andorian). As the longest active crewmember, Hebert was presented a very special gift, the official flag of the United Federation of Planets that has hung proudly in front on the main entrance from the first day of service. The moment resulted in a five minute standing ovation.