Grumpy Gus and Peanuts

Grumpy Gus and Peanuts, originally uploaded by kreg.steppe.

If you don’t know already, I have started a webcomic called Grumpy Gus and Peanuts.

I have been drawing comics for a long time. I got my start in High School actually (surprise) but I never really did anything with them. I have a lot of characters that I have made in the past and I am sure you will see them crop up in this strip.

Grumpy Gus and Peanuts is about two older guys that have been friends for ages and now live together to pull resources so that they can have a decent place to live.

Gus is the been there, done it all type curmudgeon that knows everything, is not afraid to tell you what he thinks, and of course he is also an adventurer in his own mind.

Peanuts is his long time friend that has been tagging along for the ride, constantly being made to do what he normally wouldn’t.

Head on over and check it out…and Subscribe…I hope you enjoy.