7th Son: 7 Days Cameo

Our Buddy, Author and friend of Technorama J.C. Hutchins is about to get his book 7th Son: Descent published by St. Martin’s Press later in October. To celebrate and get everyone ready J.C. started the daily podcast called 7th Son: 7 Days. For 7 days he is podcasting a day in the life of each of the main characters in the book giving you a little insight on who these guys are.

Well, I found out today that Chuck and I have a fleeting cameo. It is small, but cool. J.C. told me “if you blink you’ll miss it”. I want to see if any of our listeners of Technorama can spot it. Go and subscribe to 7th Son: 7 Days and find our cameo and be the first to call in at 206-222-2428 and let us know. We will feature you on the next Technorama. Some episodes have already aired and so you may have to download the past ones to find it. Good Luck.