Snow in the South

I love snow. We get it once or, if we are lucky, twice a year. Every year I wish for one of those times to land us a White Christmas. This year I got it even if it was just on the tail end of Christmas Day which was a nice end to the holiday.

Once, when I was much younger, I was watching the news and saw that they were calling for snow in Myrtle Beach. I thought to myself that is something that I had not seen before, snow on the beach. In the next moment I found myself in my car heading down at about 8 in the evening on a Friday night. As soon as I got there, stepped out on the sand, and took about 10 paces it started. It was totally worth making the trip down to take a walk on the beach as the snow fell.

Usually when we get snow here in the south, it only lasts a day or so before it melts, however it looks like with cold temperatures lingering that this one will be with us for a while. There were times today that it was snowing heavier that I had seen in a long time, so I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to create a video showing some of the scenes that were around my house.

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  1. Hm. I think I’m never going to see snow fall IRL. I’ve seen snow after it’s already turned into dirty slush and I’ve been on a ski slope once. But I’ve never been snowed upon.

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