Facebook the new Email?

Today I logged into my Facebook account and I see that when I went to the messages area I was  greeted with a pop-up that said that Facebook now offers email addresses. It prompted me to set up my email address and they took a guess that I wanted my email at Facebook to match my username.

I tested it out and it worked well, and was fast. I see options for reporting something as Spam, Deleting, etc…just as you would come to expect for an email account. Facebook also pointed out that under Messages there is an ‘other’ folder. This seems to be a container for other messages like notifications from Groups and announcements.

I’m not so sure I need another email address.I am pretty sold on my Gmail account and have had it for years now…but I guess it could come in handy at some point. Anyone else see this?

Update: Apparently this isn’t new. I just don’t check my Facebook Messages page often enough to know that this was new to me. 🙂 That is what I get for using my Phone more than the website.

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