My Half Life

Today I turn 42. Not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Just a year older than last year. I still feel the same as when I did when I was 40, 30, even 20 something still to a degree. I don’t think I have changed a whole lot, I still get excited that I can buy a six pack of beer.

Age hasn’t really bothered me before…actually that isn’t *entirely* true. When I turned 30 I thought things had peaked, but in reality it was just the page turning and another chapter of “The Big Adventure”. I bought my first house and got married at 32, had a son at 33, bought my first real new car (I never shied away from used.), helped run my first new business, and eventually got a new full time job. It seems that every year has had its challenges.

I didn’t think much of 40 but now as 42 is here I can’t help but focus on the number and I know why. It’s because of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It is one of my favorite series of books and in the story the number 42 has a significant part, and now that I am turning 42 that number is sticking in my head. That said, as I am trying not to think of my age, people also like to point it out. I guess its an attempt to feel better about their own chronological disorder, and say “it’s not how old you are, it’s how young you feel.” Well, I still feel young and stupid, so let’s see how far that gets me.

Time marches on, and me along with it and that is okay. I wouldn’t say I was worried, or scared about the future or even death…more like weighted concerned. There is still a lot to be discovered, and a lot to still get excited about.

Pinewood Derby Wrap up

Today we had the Pinewood Derby Races for Pack 205 and it was a huge success. Someone likened it to Christmas. There is a huge buildup to the big event and after it is over there is a void, and you are exhausted. It didn’t go off without it’s glitches though.

On the Friday night before racing everyone is told to bring in their cars. They are weighed and impounded for night. Afterwards, all the names of racers are put into the software that runs the track so on Saturday morning at 9am the track is ready to run. Well….after check-in about 9pm Friday it was discovered that the track software wasn’t installed on any machine and even less, not tested. Of course any IT pro will know that this is a perfect storm for everything *not* to work.

Turns out things didn’t. I don’t know if the software didn’t work because of hotfixes or patches to Windows over the year, but after a few hours and a search for a new track management package things were working once again. It had a couple of glitches, but overall it worked well. I have to give Jason Jones and Jim Smith credit, since I really had nothing to do with all that.

Aside from the software issues I think that all the kids had a good time. Everyone was in good spirits and good winners and losers. Even our Pack Master told me that for once he didn’t feel stressed and was able to enjoy himself, and why not.

My son did pretty well also, during Friday nights check-in some kids gave him complements on his car and a couple even dug the “Mario” characters he drew freehand on the side of it. Somehow I even managed to make the car perform a little. He got a close third (close to second) in his heat, and of course got a 3rd place ribbon. He was happy, and that is all that matters.

Well almost all. šŸ™‚ I got 1st place in every run of my heats against the other parents. Now I didn’t really build my car to beat anyone, I just enjoying making them. It is kinda sweet for me because when I was in scouts, I got 3rd place. Still have the ribbon to prove it. My Dad still tells me to this day that I *should* have had 1st. We re-ran the race and it was close, but of course the judge’s kid and a friend of theirs got 1st and 2nd. Dad didn’t argue it figuring it wouldn’t really do any good if that is the way they want to run things. Besides, I barely remember the race, but I do remember building the car with my Dad and that is all that mattered.

Snow in the South

I love snow. We get it once or, if we are lucky, twice a year. Every year I wish for one of those times to land us a White Christmas. This year I got it even if it was just on the tail end of Christmas Day which was a nice end to the holiday.

Once, when I was much younger, I was watching the news and saw that they were calling for snow in Myrtle Beach. I thought to myself that is something that I had not seen before, snow on the beach. In the next moment I found myself in my car heading down at about 8 in the evening on a Friday night. As soon as I got there, stepped out on the sand, and took about 10 paces it started. It was totally worth making the trip down to take a walk on the beach as the snow fell.

Usually when we get snow here in the south, it only lasts a day or so before it melts, however it looks like with coldĀ temperaturesĀ lingering that this one will be with us for a while. There were times today that it was snowing heavier that I had seen in a long time, so I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to create a video showing some of the scenes that were around my house.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel, originally uploaded by kreg.steppe.

First Post

Wow…it seems I missed a milestone. I started to look back at some older posts on my blog here and I see that the obligatory !FirstPost! was made May 14th, 2004. Now, I have had the site for some time, I think I bought the domain back in 2000. I know I have not been the most prolific blogger during all of this time, but I have had my share of posts as well as my share of dry spells.

Reading some of my old posts I can see where a lot of the material I was posting bled over into Technorama and I see a lot of other things that mattered to me including Linux and Open Source, however one thing I haven’t done a lot of is bring personal opinions here about politics, etc. I guess I hadn’t because I don’t really like the confrontation that you get on the internet with things of that nature. It can be very one sided.

So as time moves on perhaps I will bring more personal opinion and personal thoughts in the next 6 years, don’t know. But what I do know is I do like to share and I do believe that when we share, we grow and I will be still doing that for some time to come all the while as I strive to be a better blogger.

Better days

Better days, originally uploaded by kreg.steppe.