Tivo and the Superbowl

Everyone has probably seen this already, but Tivo released viewer ship information on the Superbowl. I bet it is fun and an eye opener to see this kind of information up front.

Well it looks like Commercials were the big thing (Surprise) and the MVP phone number for dialing in a vote. Paul McCartney kept 5% more audience than the Hip-hop crap from last year. I would like to think that they were watching Paul, but I think that some were probably just curious about what “Wardrobe Malfunction” that He might have.

In The Trenches: Tech Chat

This last weekend I moderated Kevin Devin’s ITT Tech Chat. The Tech Chat was on IT Communications, and it went really well. I enjoyed talking to everyone about everyting from web applications that we use, Intranets including Blogging and Wikis.

We all had so much to say that it went on for quite a while. I think that it was almost 2 hours. It left me with a lot of good information, and I hope that you can get something out of it as well.

ITT Tech Chat: IT Communications

Dude, I got a Mac!

So far I likes what I sees.

First off..This thing came all the way from China to Charlotte, NC in 2 days. I got a shipping notice on the Jan 19th and Here it is on the 20th.

I have never really used OSX, except looking at it in the store. It is nicley done. In some ways Linux with Gnome is like it, but OSX, of course is more polished and the interface is a little different.

Garageband is very easy to use, I was throwing together music in no time. I am hoping that the rest of iLife will be the same and I think that it will be.

Gimp Splash Screen Winner

I want to congratulate Bill Luhtala on his win with “work in progress…”. There were a lot of good choices, and I am sure it was hard to pick just one…

It was a fun contest, and I really enjoyed having an image in the running.

You can find out more information, as well as other contestants that were high on the cut list over at The Gimp

Vote for my Gimp Splash Screen!

The folks over at The Gimp are running a contest to pick the next splash screen that appears when you run the program. There are a ton of splash screens there, and some really good ones too.

I choose a homage to Norman Rockwell. Norman is one of my favorite painters, and it just seemed right to work up an image with him in mind.

Currently there is a voting process to pick everyones favorite, so if you feel so inclined: Please go and vote (Please vote for who you want really. You can vote for more than one too)
Previously, Blender, the opensource 3d, modeling package also held splash screen contest and there are a lot of interesting images there too.

Quantum Leap

I love this show. It was simple, a little Sci-fi built in, and something different each time. Mix the re-runs and my TiVo together, and I have a winning combination. Now, when this thing was on originally I was able to catch it some. It was one of those shows that came on at a time that didn’t work with my schedule.

So now I have a seasons-pass for it on the Tivo, and I have watched about 2 seasons or more. I looked on the net for information as time went on, and I remember reading how this show got the shaft when it was cancelled, and it did get it too.

Basically, they had to re-edit the last show that they did and convert it to a series ender. When I finally saw that episode, I was pissed. It sucked how that show was so good then enter the network execs and all of the sudden, BLAM. What a disappointment.

I also read that there is a new series on the horizon, with Sams Daughter Sammy Jo. Apparently she goes looking for Sam. I am interested, and I hope that this one won’t disappoint….

Firefox 1.0

Firefox is now 1.0!

I know that I am not the only one, but I have been using Mozilla since .5x series and seen it grow into a nice internet suite…and Firefox is just building on that. They have a lot of smart people putting this together, in the programming side, and the marketing side also. I am very happy for them.

Long Live Firefox!