Me and IE

IE 7 that is.

I installed it on my laptop, I had too…we will probably be rolling it out at some point. I like a point. That point being ANYTHING other than IE6 is better.

I was using Google reader…It was blocking images from all my articles. I think that it does this because the images are on another server other than google (anti-phishing). When I click the INFO bar to tell it to show the images…it refreshes the page…therefore, when the page comes back, I am still looking at my UN-READ ITEMS, and the article that I was just looking at is now read because I was already viewing it before the refresh. Now I have to go hunt for it in my READ items for it.

Also I see TOO many confirmation boxes. I clicked on the info bar, and said, “Allow Popup from this site”. Then a box pops up, “Allow popups from”. Didn’t I just tell it that? Also…the Internet Options is basically the same set up as the old one on IE6. I think that they could have given the prefrences a little more thought. Come on, shake things up a little…Organize it!

I also showed IE7 to a co-worker, their first reaction? “Hey, it looks like Firefox”

I am still sold on Firefox…the plugins ALONE are worth their weight in gold.

Bottom Line, I like it aside from my quirks above. (ALPHA PNGs W00T!)

New and Improved, More of the same though.

Want an iPod 20gig?

I have an iPod 20g 4th Gen (B and W Screen) that I want to trade for a iPod 4gb Nano. I want something smaller to use. If you are interested drop me a comment here, and I will get in touch with you.
The iPod that I have is practically mint.

Help Interested Non-Geeks Become Active with their Technology

The Uplifter Carolina Society will be meeting on March 25th from 1 PM to 5 PM in Conway SC at Port City Java located at 300 Elm Street. This group is devoted to helping interested non-geeks become active with their technology. This gathering will include people to teach how to blog, podcast, and videoblog. If you have wanted to participate in these arenas but weren’t sure how to get started, come to the meeting and learn in a relaxed environment with friendly people.

For More information visit the Uplifter Blog

Broadcast Flag Again?

HOW can this be true what Mike Ferguson says below? It is ncessary to protect the music industry from the threat of piracy? There hasn’t been a broadcast flag on any radios up until now, has this caused an outbreak of piracy?

Once again here is an un-informed Government figure trying to push something that is seemingly self serving. Why make more laws for copyright infringment? If the market will bear an industry putting DRM in equipment without LAWs, go ahead. BUT this just CHAPS me to no end to shove this DRM crap down my NECK! I don’t want to file share media that I collect, I want to use it as I want to in my home.
Take a Stand against DRM, don’t let them take your fair-use rights away! Contact your Congressmen… I am.

Congress raises broadcast flag for audio | CNET
Digital radio receivers without government-approved copy-prevention technology likely would become illegal to sell in the future, according to new federal legislation announced Thursday.

Rep. Mike Ferguson, a New Jersey Republican, said his bill–which would enforce a so-called “broadcast flag” for digital and satellite audio receivers–was necessary to protect the music industry from the threat of piracy.

Later in the article…

At a breakfast roundtable with reporters on Thursday, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said some sort of legislation is necessary to prevent Americans from saving high-quality music from digital broadcasts, assembling a “personal music library” of their own, and redistributing “recorded songs over the Internet or on removable media.”

They assume you and me are thieves. (BTW…The RIAA bought the Reporters Breakfast…how nice)

iTunes and WordPress Funkiness

I think that I have found a bug in iTunes!

My buddy Victor Cajiao over at the Typical PC User Podcast had some funkiness going on with his feed. On Saturday he posted a show (See “Before” image) once iTunes downloaded it, iTunes would change the subscribed to feed from his feedburner address to the last enclosure URL (See “After” image). This was a problem because you would not get anymore updates from him because the URL for the MP3 was not a valid XML file! (See “After-After” image) …and therefore a bunch of iTunes users were not subscribed any longer.

I tried several fixes including upgrading his WordPress to 2.0 and a lot of other hair-brained fixes..the problem was there was an open link tag in a previous posts show notes (Kudos to Blaine McDonnell for catching that). Of course this is not right…but I think that this kicked off a bug in iTunes that changed the subscription URL.

There is a directive that you can put in your feed to point everyone to a new feed…but it shouldn’t do that unless it explicitly sees it. So podcasters be aware! Close all the tags in your Show Notes! (Which is good advice for anything really)

*Update* Apparently the podcast guys at Apple got back to us and said that they had seen this before as a rare problem…and are looking to fix that…Awesome!

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Internet Explorer Ship Sinks and Guess Who Is Mad…

Who didn’t see this coming? Are Internet Explorer’s Days numbered? If thing continue like they have been I believe so. Here is a link to an article that talks about some people being ticked over the whole IE debacle…the Employees of MS. If they are pissed…you know somethings not right.

Microsoft Employees Rage As Internet Explorer Ship Sinks
No way to build a market: No more Mac users. No more Dell users in the UK. HP’s shipping Netscape. Internet Explorer 7 is the ultimate “me too” knock off. And nobody’s madder than Microsoft employees and fans.

A Geek Christmas Carol

Finally, it is here, at least it will be here Monday! This Christmas I have had the great opportunity to work with my friends with The Friends in Tech podcast group, and create something that I am very proud of.

Over the last 4 weeks we have created from disparate regions of America utilizing the internet, and true grit … A Geek Christmas Carol. It has turned out better than I could have hoped for. Everyone stepped up, and turned in quality work.

A Geek Christmas Carol, is the classic tale of Scrooge facing his life’s decisions and changing things for the better….but If you are a geek at all there is something a little more for you in there.

So to find out more visit and subscribe to the Friends in Tech website.
A Geek Christmas Carol is being Released Sunday Dec, 18th.